About Friends of Hannah


FRIENDS OF HANNAH seeks to rescue companion animals that need help and placement as well as help the people who love them keep them and take better care of them.


Ofte,n we are made aware of animals that are in dire need of care and recovery time in order to survive. We take these dogs in, have them fully vetted, and keep them until they can find the right home. Sometimes, we are also faced with finding well-raised and much-loved companions whose owners have absolutely no choice but to surrender them. Regardless of how they enter the front door, we assess their needs and keep them until they are able to be adopted.


We always keep a few spaces for dogs whose owners are in dire need of housing themselves. We house and care for these dogs and cats--whose owners are temporarily homeless, living in domestic violence shelters, or displaced by disaster--at no cost.


Occasionally, we learn about pet owners who dearly love their pets but have some kind of veterinary emergency that they simply cannot afford. Knowing how very devastating it would be to be unable to provide for our own beloved pets, this has always been a part of our efforts.


Sadly, we also get animals that, due to the trauma or abuse they have suffered or due to some lingering veterinary issue, are unable to find a home. Those animals call our place home and live out their lives here. We currently have 12 such residents.

Since our inception in 2003 we have rescued and re-homed over nearly 2000 animals. While we most often care for dogs, we occasionally have cats here, too. We admit approximately 150-200 animals each year, and we adopt out close to that same number. Sadly, we do occasionally have to have an animal euthanized due to behavioral or health issues or old age. Above all we pride ourselves in being reasonable, understanding, and kind to all people and animals.


We believe that while lots of people would be great friends, they might not make the best pet owners and vice-versa—you might not want to be pals with someone who would be an excellent pet owner. That is why we must have objective criteria as well as that good feeling about placing a pet in any home. We firmly believe that if we cannot find a home that would be infinitely better than where the pet is or where it came from, then it is definitely not in its best interest.

Also, an animal might seem perfect at our facility, but once it gets home and gets comfortable, it simply may not fit with your family or your lifestyle. Therefore, we always offer a trial period of up to six weeks to see if it is a perfect fit.

Lastly, at anytime over the life of your adopted pet, should you become unable to keep him/her, we want them back.

Our adoption fee is $150 for dogs and $75 for cats. This fee helps offset our veterinary fees and care that we provide for the animals while in our care.

Dogs come fully vetted: spayed or neutered; heartworm negative; up-to-date on rabies, distemper combination, and bordetella; and any medical or dental issues addressed.

Cats come fully vetted: spayed or neutered; feline leukemia and feline AIDS negative; and vaccinated with FVRCP and rabies if old enough.

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Perks of adopting: Pets adopted here are eligible for half-price boarding and free baths by appointment at Hairy Moose Pet Retreat.


When we moved here in 1998, we were fortunate enough to walk into INDIAN LAKE ANIMAL CLINIC in Hendersonville. We developed a great admiration for the doctors, the staff and the veterinary medicine that they offered for our own beloved pets.

We then and will always owe the majority of our works to the generosity, kindness, and professionalism of Indian Lake's Dr. Heather Gentry. I assure you that there is NO WAY that we could function without her dedication and selflessness.

We also need to thank Sara Femlee at The Sumner Spay Neuter Alliance and McMillan Veterinary Clinic.